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Program Department

Serving Kitsap and Mason Counties

Questions? Call: 360.552.0582

Peninsula Alliance is a non-profit agency that provides an array of services to our local community. Services include:

Benevolence Services

Peninsula Alliance provides benevolence services to members of our community, including rental assistance, food scarcity support, funeral expenses, and emergency loans.

Community Engagement & Inclusion

Services are designed to develop creative, flexible, and supportive community resources and relationships. This service helps connect individuals to resources in their community and supports them to participate, engage, and integrate into the community. This service is available in the Individual and Family Services, Basic Plus and Core waivers. 

Friday Night Social (The Dance)

“The Dance” is one of Peninsula Alliance’s most popular program since 1978 and strives to increase social skills, meaningful participation, and self-determination, all in a recreational opportunity. It is an evening where the community comes together in a safe environment to have fun, meet friends, and of course, dance.

The dance is most Friday nights from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Adults 18 years and older only. 

Lifelong Learning & Empowerment Trainings

Training's include our award winning Healthy Relationships an 8-week Healthy Relationships Program to participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We are addressing an unmet educational need: what makes ANY relationship healthy or unhealthy.

Education about healthy relationships gives participants practical information to help them establish and respect boundaries.  This program teaches participants the concepts of respect, choice, and trust as well as details on identifying and reporting abuse.  Our curriculum is based on the inherent value and worth we each possess as human beings. 

The Healthy Relationship Program is provided free of charge to participants, and we provide all materials and all instruction.  Healthy Relationships is an 8-week, hour-long program offered once a week.

Representative Payee 

Peninsula Alliance provides protective payee services to individuals who receive Social Security benefits. Our financial counselors are experienced professionals who work confidently with clients to help them meet their personal and financial goals. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those receiving Social Security benefits achieve greater financial stability and independence with support from Peninsula Alliance Representative Payee Services. Our trained financial counselors provide personal assistance to help clients manage their monthly income, pay bills, stay on budget, and avoid predatory lending and financial exploitation. 

Specialized Habilitation

Specialized Habilitation support can help individuals enhance their well-being, create healthy relationships, navigate challenges, and improve their overall quality of life. Specialized Habilitation helps people learn or maintain a range of life skills in any of the following categories: ​

  • Self Advocacy  

  • Safety Awareness

  • Self Empowerment

  • Learning New Skills

  • Managing Daily Tasks

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Effective Social Communication

  • Coping Strategies for Everyday Life Challenges


Specialized Habilitation is for anyone enrolled in the Individual and Family Services (IFS)*, Basic Plus, Children’s Intensive In-Home Behavior Support (CIIBS) or Core waiver (and not receiving residential habilitation services)

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Maggie Johnson

Program Manager

Ph: 360.552.0582

Email: Click Here

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