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Social Enterprise

Used Clothing and Housewares Department

Donation Questions? Call: 360.674.7084

Clothing & Small Houseware Donations


  • Clothing, coats, jackets (men’s, women’s, children’s)

  • Shoes and purses

  • Bedding, towels

  • Curtains and drapes

  • Fabric, thread and patterns

  • Floormats and wall hangings

  • Portable sewing machines

  • Jewelry and watches

  • Records, tapes, CD’s

  • Dishes, silverware, and cookware

  • Toys, dolls, books

  • Recreational & camping gear

  • Tools and toolboxes

  • Musical instruments

  • Pictures and paintings

  • Personal electronics (mp3 players, cd players, radios, cameras)

  • Hampers and storage containers

  • Electronics Recycling

We DO NOT accept furniture

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