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Christopher J. Tibbs

Chief Executive Officer

With more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, Mr. Tibbs is a proven visionary leader who strives to positively impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Mr. Tibbs has served as Chief Executive Officer of Peninsula Alliance since 2017. Peninsula Alliance is a nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes the acceptance and inclusion of people of all abilities.

Mr. Tibbs most recent accomplishment at Peninsula Alliance has been securing more than $9.9M in grant funding for the construction of The Bill Mahan Apartments. This affordable housing project will provide 22 housing units for low-income members of our community.

Mr. Tibbs has successfully restored Peninsula Alliance from the brink of financial collapse, increasing annual revenue by sixfold and expanding new programs and services for the benefit of our community.

Prior to joining Peninsula Alliance, Mr. Tibbs served as a public policy consultant for various public agencies, including Mason County and Kitsap Transit.


Christopher J. Tibbs

direct: 360.377.3473

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